Terms hostel accommodation in New Day

Check-in : 14:00; check-out : 12:00
Room in Hostel is given :
for citizens of the Russian Federation to the presentation :
– Passport of the Russian Federation ;
– Identification serviceman – for officers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation;
– Military card – for soldiers, sailors, sergeants and petty officers , conscripts or contact;
– Seaman’s passport – for citizens working in the Russian courts international voyages or on foreign vessels ;
for foreign nationals upon presentation of :
– Foreign citizen’s passport or other document , established by the federal law or recognized in accordance with international treaties of the Russian Federation as an identity document ;
– Migration card filled at the entrance to the Russian Federation ( if available);
– A valid visa (if any) .
Minors must be accompanied by an adult or have a notarized authorization from both parents authorizing their independent hostel accommodation ;
The hostel reserves the right , to add guests in spare room , regardless of gender and age ( provided that it has

been agreed in advance accommodate guests in one room)
Accommodation Rules

In New Day hostel prohibited distribution, possession and use of drugs and alcohol
Smoking is prohibited in the entire Hostel
For the loss of a key – a fine of 500 rubles , tablets – 250 rubles .

On departure guests must return towel and the key from the individual box to the administrator.

For damage or loss of towels – a fine of 500 rubles, of bed linen – 1000 rubles.

For those who Check out after 12:00 is a fine 300 rubles, for every 30 minutes of delay the fine is 300 rub too. At the same time, the administration of the hostel has the right to start cleaning this room after 12:00.
In the case of property damage the guest will be charged at the rate established by the hostel.
For violation of the rules of conduct in the Hostel administration has the right to evict violators at any time without refund of payment for accommodation.

Hostel administration has the right to refuse to refund for the remaining days for guests departing prior paid period of staying, regardless of the reasons for the departure.

In case of losing the passes the fine is 500 rubles.
Respect the silence from 23:00 to 9:00!
Pets are not allowed.

It is prohibited to invite guests not living in the hostel.
Postprandial wash their dishes and put them on the table.
Valuables can be left at in individual locked boxes.

Foreigners pay 200 rubles. per person, per migration registration upon arrival at the hostel

New Day Hostel is not responsible for the safety of personal belongings left in the room unattended. Valuables can be left at the time of residence in individual boxes, locked on a key;

If a guest has left  and had not taken his things, further storage is paid – 100 rubles / day

We reserve the right to refuse accommodation offers:

  • without a passport or other identity document;
  • minors without the permission of parents or unaccompanied;
  • those who are in a state of intoxication or inadequate condition